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ARACHNE under w95

It's faster and easier than you thought!

You can run Arachne entirely within one of w95's "Virtual Machines", a powerful feature of w95 that seems to be under-used for DOS programs. A WIN VM provides full real-mode functionality but also automatically includes Vcache and access to all of the XMS/EMS available to windows. Thus, you don't have to worry about a disk cache setup, or reserving blocks of XMS; w95 handles it all. THE BIG BONUS: no "REBOOT to DOS REAL MODE" is required. You instantly switch to Arachne, and back to w95 when done.


ARAC95.ZIP (708 bytes)
Which contains two files:
Copy this shortcut directly to your WINDOWS DESKTOP. (Usually, C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP) Copy this desktop icon to your ARACHNE directory. (Usually, C:\ARACHNE)

If you have installed Arachne into its own "C:\ARACHNE" directory, you're all set to go. If you installed Arachne to a different drive or directory, you must change the Shortcut's properties to match the new directory.

It is really simple: on the windows desktop, RIGHT CLICK on the Arachne shortcut, and select "PROPERTIES". You will see:

No changes are required here.

Click on the "PROGRAM" tab at the top to get:
Here, you can change the directory name(s) to the one in which you have placed your Arachne files. (You also can force it to run a batch file before starting Arachne, or install Arachne onto its own hotkey here.) To finish, click on the "CHANGE ICON" button, and the below dialog box will pop up:

Once again, change the directory from "C:\ARACHNE" to the one in which your SPID.ICO is located, then click the "Okay" button. Lastly, click the "APPLY" button to install your changes to the shortcut. That's it ! The settings on the other tabs are already set up to provide Arachne with maximum memory, full screen, and no interference from windows.