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Barely Freezing in the South
32 Degrees 8 inches of snow

02 January, 2002
The first good snowstorm to hit the South in a couple of years barreled right in, late afternoon Wednesday.

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Mailbox in the snowy night There seems to be a fascination with mailboxes and snow. Funny: there are a lot of places in the world where you don't worry about the snow unless you can't see the mailbox anymore - but that's definitely not true down here.
They freak out days ahead of time.

By the morning of the third, the Bubbas were out on the road, driving as if it were a fine spring day (45-50 mph, and right on somebody's tail). You can tell the guys who are members of the "Dukes of Hazard" VCR tape-of-the-month club; they pop out and try to pass - but usually end up in the ditch, in this kind of weather. Dumb truck driver

Goldie, the dog Goldie, our Black Lab and Golden Retriever mix, isn't as thrilled with snow as when she was as a pup. (But then, she was born in the south...) She doesn't see very well, and likes to nose around looking for "good" spots, up to her eyes in snow, huffin' and snorting'.

Packed snow on street Six inches of fresh snow on the road isn't too bad - at first. They might pass one of the county's dozen plows down this road near the end of next week. Till then, it will look pretty much the same as today. Packed ice on street

The Woodshed

Wake County, North Carolina

Photos by Bio-Cat - not me!