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Cheap-n-Dirty APMs for Arachne

If you are a user of Arachne, the graphical web browser for DOS, you came here looking for Arachne Package Modules (APM).

Unfortunately, ALL of them have been taken off line temporarily for rewriting. (8 May 1999)

I'm sorry to waste your time coming here, but Arachne's author, Michael Polak, has expressed some disatisfaction with complex APMs that modify some of the existing html screens in the Arachne package. My rewrite of these APMs will completely replace the old HTML with new, leaving the old Arachne files intact, (but renamed). Michael won't like this any better than the old way - he may even like it less - but it will remove any basis for valid complaint about the techniques used to accomplish some advanced features unavailable in the original Arachne software.

If you send me an empty email with the subject "New APMs", I'll email you when they are ready for download.

   Now, Windows 95 users can run Arachne INSTANTLY from the windows desktop, WITHOUT REBOOTING TO REAL-MODE DOS. See The Arachne under w95 page for the tiny little shortcut.

For good info about Arachne, try Guenter's Help Page.